The toughest soft decking ever made

We bring perfection to boats and manufacturing processes

A stunning soft decking can make all the difference in a boat’s looks, functionality, and brand value. Still, mastering these new materials requires new knowledge. That’s why Smartdeck offers more than the best decking. We support designers and boat manufacturers all the way from design to auditing the installation work.


Soft decking outperforms teak and vinyl thanks to its anti-slip grip, low weight, and easy maintenance. Smartdeck is the only soft decking to give a 5-year guarantee. It is the winner of the most comprehensive test ever conducted.

The best support for the best boat brands

Our support ranges from design to auditing the installation work. Our customer service gives a 24-hour response time promise.

Maximum freedom for the designers of the best-looking boats

Bring us your design ideas and we’ll harness them to boost the value of your boat.

Safety first,
then sustainability

In boating, safety is what always comes first. With Smartdeck, you can tick all the boxes. It offers an excellent anti-slip grip and diminishes environmental burdens.

Proudly made in USA and EU

Our success in Europe has encouraged us to establish a home base in Raleigh, North Carolina.