Proudly made
in USA and EU

Our mission is to make everybody proud – the designers, the manufacturers, the boat owners, and ourselves.

We will soon have production facilities on both sides of the pond. Our success in Europe has encouraged us to establish a home base in Raleigh, North Carolina to serve the US market with products made in the USA.

Smartdeck was born out of a passion for boating within a company called Brand ID Oy in Finland. The parent company, founded in 1967, has steadily and profitably grown by supplying manufacturing companies with labeling products and services.

The experience in working with plastics and, more importantly, partnering with manufacturing businesses gives Smartdeck an advantage in working with boat companies. We can bring best practices from various industries and help boat brands to develop their processes and add significant value to their boats.

Finland is a country that frequently tops all kinds of global indexes from the happiest, safest, steadiest, and most equal nations to most saunas per capita. What’s more important is Finnish trustworthiness. We do what we promise. And we do it with an excellent credit rating.

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