Soft decking outperforms teak, vinyl, and bare decks due to its exceptional features and comfort.

Extremely light compared
to teak and vinyl

The best anti-slip grip

Durable, easy to maintain

Feels cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold

The highest heat resistance of any synthetic material

Noise dampening effect

Less weight, more economical boating

Fully recyclable

Moreover, Smartdeck is the only boat decking brand that offers a 5-year guarantee. Our material is more rigid than others due to our unique closed-cell structure, which enhances heat resistance and adds durability, reducing wear and tear.

For boat manufacturers Smartdeck’s durability translates to reduced after-sales support and fewer warranty claims. We have focused on fast installation to enhance production efficiency. For boat owners, Smartdeck is easy to maintain and clean.

Don’t just take our word for it. Smartdeck emerged as the winner in the most comprehensive test ever conducted by the German YACHT magazine. The test included 23 top-of-the-line materials from all major manufacturers and Smartdeck was the only material to receive 5 stars.

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