Safety first,
then sustainability

In boating, safety always comes first. So, the first advantage to be mentioned for soft decking should always be its exceptional non-slip grip. Then, we can start discussing other properties, such as environmental or social aspects.

Tropical forest deforestation and subsequent biodiversity loss due to teak logging and the long transporting distances make tropical hardwood less sustainable than timber from local forests. The problem with softer local choices is that they rot more easily in marine environments. A heavy hardwood deck also leads to higher fuel consumption.

So, how do you choose a suitable synthetic material? Our Smartdeck material is a safe alternative to PVC (Vinyl). Non-toxic and non-allergenic PE is also used in food packaging and toys. It is so common and safe that it’s widely recycled, unlike EVA, PVC, teak, or cork. So, once replaced, an old Smartdeck can find a new life. At our factory, we recycle all our manufacturing waste, too.

  • The best anti-slip grip
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic plastic
  • No need for tropical hardwood logging
  • Lighter decking, better fuel economy
  • Fully recyclable, unlike PVC, teak, or cork
  • We recycle our manufacturing waste
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